At Cordless Media, we believe in technology with integrity.

Our team creates unique products & services that provide true value and reward quality content.

Who do we work for?

Real Estate and Rental Sites


We help a growing number of RE and MLS sites increase their earnings


We give our clients the technology and the people to create, manage and sell ads and other forms of monetized content


We work for your benefit, always maintaining your brand's quality, freedom & flexibility

New Home Buyer Brands


Target the lucrative New Home Buyer Audience


Reach consumers as they shop for their new home, or right after they move in


Leverage exclusive new home buyer data to tailor your ad campaigns to your desired audience

Real Estate Agent Services


Place your products in front of tens of thousands of Real Estate Professionals


Sponsor content and tools used by Real Estate Agents every day


Retarget Real Estate agents even when they leave their MLS and extend your reach to the entire web

Mobile App Developers


Our Mobi.One platform gives you control over your monetization strategy


Our universal ad SDK alternates your chosen ad suppliers while giving you the ability to test and optimize without requiring additional updates to your app


Say goodbye to restrictions and complications and hello to real-time ad optimization

Our Solutions

For Websites & Apps


Ad Management Solutions

Custom Content Solutions

Data Monetization

For Brands

Audience Extension


Exclusive Ad Inventory

AI Powered Campaign Execution

Our Background

We are a team of individuals with more than a decade of experience in digital advertising and ad technology creation.

Our backgrounds have given us experience in managing site yield for top 100 sites, building supply networks, creating ad exchanges and pushing the advancement of mobile ad tracking.

Authentic value and integrity are core to how we build our business, products & services.

It is always refreshing to work with a partner that operates with such a high level of integrity and commitment to publishers wellbeing. I am certainly impressed by the team at Cordless Media and their ability to use their expertise in the yield management space to produce results that are beyond my expectations.



With Cordless Media You Will…


Increase your earnings without adding overhead.


Monetize your site without damaging your user experience.


Decrease your workload, but keep control of your brand.

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