Inventory Channels, Data Distribution and Unique Ad Opportunities

Cordless Media is constantly seeking additional partnerships that can benefit our clients. These include Data Distribution, PMP channels and unique inventory or ad opportunities.

Private Marketplaces

We know not everyone needs us to be their ad ops team. Because of this we are always interested in creating additional inventory channels with high quality direct supply. We can operate through a Private Marketplace, or on a simple IO basis. While we focus on our managed inventory first, some of our demand sources require that we extend our reach to other direct supply channels. We’d love to learn what you can offer us.

Data Partnerships

Cordless Media has access to a high amount of first party data as a result of our Ad Ops services. If you are interested in leveraging this data for existing or future media buys, we can discuss the appropriate distribution method. We have the ability to integrate with any existing DMP and may already be featured on your ad exchange or trade desk.

Unique Opportunities

As we explore partnerships, we often come across unique opportunities. Sometimes it’s a custom ad unit that produces exceptional results. Other times it’s a unique inventory source that doesn’t match standard ad serving technologies. In other cases it’s a revolutionary new ad tech product. If you have something outside the box, we’re usually interested.

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