We’ve built a full product suite just for you. Each will increase your earnings while adding value to your users…

Header Bidding for Real Estate

What does that even mean? It means we’ve aggregated every major and worthwhile demand exchange into a lightening fast auction every time your page loads to give you the highest available payout every time. It also means that our ad quality controls and block lists are specifically designed to keep your Real Estate site free from competitors and low quality ads. As a bonus, our Header Bidder also includes the industry’s top ad-server to seemlessly traffic direct sold deals and house campaigns.

Contextually Relevant Text Links

When a user is searching for a new home, there are many predictable products they will need. Our text link widget can be placed in key areas on your site to help guide them to those products. Meanwhile you earn on every click.

Content Syndication

Today’s customers want to be educated and informed, not sold to. To do this, brands spend a lot of time developing useful and educational content for their target audiences. These audiences see this content as a benefit rather than ad and therefore spend a lot of time engaging as part of their research. We create custom feeds of this content for to match the interest of your site users whether they are a New Home Buyer, a Real Estate Professional or a Real Estate Investor.

Interactive Tools and Widgets

Buying a new home requires learning about a lot of new things. How much will the mortgage cost? What about utilities? What does amoritaz… amoritization… amortization mean? To help your users through this process, we create interactive tools and widgets for questions about Mortgages, Home Improvements, even a shopping center for things they’ll need in their new home. Each widget helps your user answer their questions and find the products that fit for them, while earning more for you.

Email Monetization

Your users are expecting daily updates from you about their future homes. These updates can easily be monetized to with sponsored ad placement, text links and more without harming deliverability or spamming your users. Additionally, there are many B2B brands that are very eager to reach Real Estate Agents with sponsored content, whitepapers and more.

First Party Data

If you would like to increase your earnings without ads or widgets, then you’ll love Data Monetization. As a Real Estate website, you are able to collect a very high amount of desirable anonymous user data that Brands and Agencies are eager to use to better target their advertising campaigns. Through our various partnerships with the many platforms used by these Brands/Agencies, we can make your data available for purchase. This way you earn a residual every time an advertiser uses your data to target their client base.

In addition to the solutions above, we are always exploring new ideas… What else would you like to have?

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They’re always very responsive and their knowledge of when, where and what to do has been extremely beneficial for us.

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