Gain a full fledged Ad Operations team without the overhead

We are a team of individuals with extensive experience in digital advertising and ad technology creation since 2005

Our backgrounds have given us experience in managing site yield for top 100 sites, building supply networks, creating ad exchanges and pushing the advancement of mobile ad tracking

Our clients see increases in revenue year over year. See our case study

How we serve you…

Direct Sales

Our sales team sells your ad inventory for you, building direct relationships and private deals with brands, agencies and exchanges that have a specific interest in your audience

Yield Optimization

Our team will analyze your site’s ad performance and the yield of all your various demand partners and ad placements making constant adjustments behind the scenes to maximize your earnings

Programmatic Management

Programmatic and Header Bidding requires upkeep and relationship building to truly maximize the results. We consistently test new partners and new ad types to give you the best options for site monetization

Ad Serving

We build and maintain a custom ad stack for your site independent from your dev team. Once initial implementation is done, no more work is required from your team to add or remove partners or technology providers

Campaign Trafficking

Build, launch, analyze, optimize and repeat. Whether it’s a deal we’ve sold for you or an in-house campaign you need filled, our 15 years of experience trafficking digital campaigns is at your disposal


On demand data and analytics are provided for your site’s earnings across our various ad products so that you are always informed


Quality Control

We keep your site free from competitors and low quality ads and monitor for latency and disruptions. Additionally, we partner with industry leaders to block bad actors from accessing your ad inventory

Site Audits

Your site design and web layout has a lot to do with your overall ad performance and earnings. Our team conducts site audits for you to determine optimal design for your ads and your users


What else would you like to build? Our development team supports and maintains your custom ad tech for you and is always ready to explore new possibilities

Industry Compliance

Digital advertising is always changing with new rules and regulations to govern the latest tech. Our team keeps you in full compliance and up to date on the latest best practices whether it’s GDPR, Ads.txt or whatever Congress or IAB comes up with next.

It is always refreshing to work with a partner that operates with such a high level of integrity and commitment to publisher's well being. I am certainly impressed by the team at Cordless Media and their ability to use their expertise in the yield management space to produce results that are beyond my expectations.



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